The Impact
of our Work

Our Market Research

Before setting up Let’s Talk we carried out some market research to see if local young people and professionals felt it would be a useful service, what we should call the service and also to find out their views on the types of service they would like us to deliver.  Over 243 young people and professionals completed our questionnaire to give their views.

The Churchill Fellowship Report

In 2017, our Managing Director visited children and young people’s services which are accredited to the Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics approach, which was developed by Dr Bruce Perry.  She brought her learning back to Scotland and it has informed our approach as we developed Let’s Talk’s services.  You can read the report here.

Evaluation of our services

All of our work is evaluated, and we collect feedback from children and young people, their parents/carers and from professionals.  We review and adapt our programmes on an ongoing basis, based on the feedback we receive.  The aim of our evaluation is to ensure that our services are relevant for children and young people and that they are effective in their aims of helping children and young people to improve their sexual, emotional and mental health.

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Our Annual Reports & Accounts…

As a CIC we are required to produce a report to show what we have done to benefit the community we serve (local young people), how we consulted with stakeholders on our activities, and details of any assets we transfer to another ‘asset locked’ agency.  As we are a company limited by guarantee we do not have shares or dividends.  You can read our annual reports and audited accounts here.