Valery Centurion

Valery Centurion

What is my role for Let’s Talk?

I’m a Financial/Admin Officer at Let’s Talk.

What is my relevant experience?

I’m currently studying towards my AAT qualification. I’m about to start my level 3 and I will then proceed with Level 4. My main goal is to progress my studies with ACCA’s qualification to become a Chartered Accountant.
Back in the country I grew up, Spain, I graduated from the Universidad of Jaen in Statistics and Business, which gave me a great knowledge of financial data and businesses and make me pursue my dream to become an Auditor.
I have worked in various areas, from Au Pair in Denmark to Fraud Analyst in different financial companies in the UK. I have also studied various courses to become proficient in Microsoft Office 365 and Xero Bookkeeping.

What I like to do when I’m not working?

I love spending time with my dogs, we love hiking and going to the beach, it is one of my favourite activities. I also love travelling and learning about different cultures, getting to know people from different places is so fun!
Outside of work I love spending time doing one of my favourite hobbies, yoga, I started practicing yoga during lockdown and I haven’t stopped since then. I love drawing; you will usually find me at the beach with my sketchbook trying to catch colourful sunsets and I love discovering new books, “adventure” is my favourite category.

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