The Drop-in

We are running two health Drop-ins one for young people 12-16, and the other for children aged 5-11 (with their parents/carers.

What happens at the Drop-in?

Our health drop-ins are based in your local community. 

There will be one for children (aged 5-11) and their parents/carers and one for young people (aged 12-26).

our new drop-in has opened in our Craigmillar premises at 1-2 Craigmillar Castle Road.  You can just drop in, no need for an appointment.

(Our Portobello Drop-in is on the horizon – Stay Tuned!)

  • Get involved in fun activities,
  • Talk to someone privately (within child protection guidelines)
  • Get advice or support.
  • Young people can get free pregnancy testing or free condoms with C: Card.
  • You can talk to us about anything, and we will try to help.

More info coming soon so keep an eye on our social media!!