Find out the various ways you can help support our mission at Let's Talk.

Help us grow

Let’s Talk (Young People) is a Community Interest Company. We are not a charity but we are a not-for-profit company and all of our activities are for the benefit of our community – that is young people (aged 11-26) in Edinburgh and Scotland.  

Community Interest Companies have an asset lock which means that our assets and resources are protected and any profits we make or donations we receive will go back into the company to be used for the benefit of our young people.

All donations to support our work are welcome. We cannot claim gift aid but we do use every penny that is donated to us, to support our work to help young people improve their sexual, emotional and mental health.

Our work helps young people (aged 11-26) to:

  • Reduce their distress,
  • Increase their positive coping strategies,
  • Concentrate better at school,
  • Improve their relationships with friends or family,
  • Improve their problem-solving abilities,
  • Use creative methods to help explore feelings and difficult emotions,
  • Increase their confidence and improve their self-esteem,
  • Reduce their risk-taking behaviour,
  • Stop using or reduce substance use,
  • Learn emotional literacy (to understand their emotions),
  • Manage their difficult feelings,
  • Make changes in their lives that are right for them,
  • Engage more positively in education, training or employment,
  • Get more involved in their communities,
  • Develop their skills in our Volunteer opportunities,
  • We also help professionals to increase their knowledge, skills and confidence.

If you want to see more details, our evaluation page shows; the impact of our work, what young people and professionals think about the services we offer, and how they’ve helped.

What your money can do

donate £1

£1 can pay for a stress ball to help a young person manage their anger.

Donate £5

£5 can pay for a young person to get support at our drop-ins to get a pregnancy test or find out about contraception.

Donate £10

£10 can pay for a young person to attend a fitness session to help them reduce their anxiety.

Donate £25

£25 can pay for a young person to be involved in a therapeutic programme to help them reduce their alcohol or drug use.

Donate £50

£50 can pay for a therapeutic one-to-one session for a suicidal young person.

Young woman wearing sunglasses and smiling widely

How else Can you help?

  • You could do a fundraising event for us – just get in touch.
  • You could make us your Cause of the year and raise money in your workplace or school.

All of the money raised goes directly to supporting young people to improve their sexual, emotional and mental health.

We have thought about all the items that we use most and make a difference in our work here at Let’s Talk. 

We have created a Let’s Talk Wish List on Amazon for these. 

Any donations will be greatly appreciated.