We want to help reduce inequality and support young people (11-26), in Edinburgh and Scotland to improve their own sexual, emotional and mental health.

Meet the Team

We have a fantastic team of therapists, counsellors, projects workers and ….

The Design Project

We gathered an A-Team of design students and a local interior designer to help us create our vision for a ‘centre of excellence for ‘trauma-informed’ responsive services. Follow the story so far…

The Design Project

Our Mission

Our mission is to help reduce the impact of poverty and inequality and support young people (aged 11-26) in Edinburgh and Scotland, to improve their own sexual, emotional and mental health.

Our aims

Let’s Talk has three core organisational aims:

  • To deliver a variety of therapeutic, educational and health promotion services for young people to access in the following environments: Schools, Informal community settings, Streets, and Drop-ins.
  • To enable young people’s voices to be heard through advocacy and youth participation,
  • To build the capacity of professionals through training, development and consultancy.

*Our organisational values are underpinned by the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Our work focus

  • Sexual health, relationships, and parenthood,
  • Emotional wellbeing,
  • Mental Health,
  • Employability,
  • Substance use and risk-taking,
  • Understanding the impact of trauma,
  • Reducing inequality.

Our values

  • Young people are at the centre of everything we do,
  • We believe in kind, open and honest communication,
  • We have integrity and we take responsibility,
  • We want to understand what has happened to you, how you feel and what might help,
  • We are caring and compassionate, and we listen,
  • We take responsibility and are accountable,
  • We keep innovating and learning.

What we want young people to know

  • If you don’t want to talk, we will help you find out what else might help,
  • We won’t tell you what to do but will try to help you figure out what is right for you,
  • We will keep your information private, within the rules of child and adult protection,
  • We want to hear your ideas and views.

What we want professionals to know

  • We are aligned with the Getting It Right For Every Child (GIRFEC) framework,
  • All of our team are PVG checked,
  • We always aim to carry out high-quality work,
  • We want to hear about your experience of working with us.

Our vivid vision

  • We will be established as a centre of excellence for trauma-responsive practice and support for young people aged 11-26,
  • Young people and professionals in our areas will be aware of our work and will trust that our services will always be high quality,
  • Our team of employees and volunteers will take part in the ongoing development and training to ensure they are skilled, always demonstrate and are motivated to maintain best-practice and take a positive and solution-focused approach to their work,
  • Provide a range of innovative approaches to support sexual, emotional and mental health, developed by our skilled team and young people from our local communities,
  • Everyone will take part in ongoing reflective practice and learning – we understand that mistakes will happen and that they provide an opportunity for learning,
  • Our premises will be warm, inviting and welcoming to all. It will offer a sense of safety,
  • Our leaders will be open, honest, authentic and supportive.
  • We will expect high standards of ourselves and others and we will follow policy to ensure fair treatment of all.  We will never accept bullying or discriminatory behaviour, 
  • Our team will be non-defensive. They will never gossip, complain or exclude people.  Instead, we will use group problem-solving approaches, everyone will take personal responsibility and will learn to communicate assertively and kindly about issues that arise,
  • Our policies and processes will respect and protect people’s confidential information and they will ensure we do not re-traumatise young people. They will be reviewed annually and all staff and volunteers will be involved in this process,
  • We will work together to raise funds and generate income to enable us to support young people,
  • We will always make the best use of our resources, reduce waste and will always aim to protect the environment,
  • We aim to grow and develop but our focus will always be on maintaining quality.

Join our Young Person’s
Advisory Committee

We are looking for young people who would like to help our agency be the best we can be and who are interested in giving their opinion about young people’s sexual, emotional and mental health issues and more… 

Company info

Let’s Talk (Young People) CIC is a Community Interest Company, Limited by Guarantee – this means we are not for profit but only for the benefit of our communities. Our communities are young people (aged 11-26) in Edinburgh and Scotland. Scottish Company number – SC697667.
We are governed by 3 Directors, our Managing Director and 2 voluntary directors.
Our office address is 1-2 Craigmillar Castle Road, Edinburgh, EH16 4BX